Rohan mark – metal coin for the games (Kopírovat)


Universal Game Token Coin

Universal game token coins are intended for all games – board games, RPGs, larps, etc., where you do not want a specific motif, either a historical replica or a fantasy coin, but on the contrary, you use the fact that the coins have different values and thus payment with them can be easily scaled during the game . This is a coin for all kinds of games, they can also be used for teaching counting. We have four values that are also differentiated by size and color.

value 1 – 20 mm – copper patina
value 2 – 22 mm – patina silver
value 5 – 25 mm – matte gold
value 10 – 30 mm – shiny gold

Material: metal – zinc alloy

If you would like a different color of this coin, it can be made to order from 500 pieces.


mince token
Rohan mark – metal coin for the games (Kopírovat)
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