Medieval coins for larp


Coins for larp and games. Usable as pirate pice, part of treasure, medieval coins. They are made of zinc alloy in three colors – gold, silver, copper.

Diameter 22 mm

We made them for our medieval larps, in which we want credible but cheap game coins.

It is not an exact replica of a medieval coin, it is play money. They look nice to look at, it’s nice that they are koov, it’s much better on the bar than any token, but of course you can see that they are game coins.

On the obverse is the Jerusalem Cross, which was often used on coins from 11 to 16-17. century, the back is inspired by a simplified coin minted by Charles V. They can be used for larps and other games from the Middle Ages, they will be perfectly suited as part of a pirate treasure.

Pirátské mince - španělské mince ražené v Karibiku v 16. století
Medieval coins for larp
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