Doprava a platba


When checking the Basket, if you fill in the country to which the shipment is to be sent, your shipping options and prices will be updated.

In the Czech and Slovak Republics, the Best Mailbox or Uloženka or GLS / DPD courier service works best.

It’s convenient, no queues, cheaper than mail. You can pick up the goods at a Mail Order or Uoženec near your residence.

In most European countries you can choose GLS / DPD. It is an international courier service with good prices. Within the Czech and Slovak Republics, the delivery time is 2 days, in most EU countries 3-4 days. It takes a day longer to Italy, Spain, France and Ireland, and to Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Malta and Cyprus it takes 6 working days.

The method of sending by the Czech Post is available for the rest of the world.

Delivery time 1-2 weeks, depending on the country where we deliver.

Many other courier services are excluded by the size of the shipment – the length of the sword. Either the price would be too high or it won’t work at all. We do not offer DHL, it is very fast, but very expensive. (This is due to the size of the shipment.) If the speed of delivery would play such a role for you, write to us. We can send it to you with this service, but calculate the price around 150 EUR.

The price that appears in the Cashier is final and does not increase when sending a larger quantity of goods. This is the lowest price at which we can send the package, it does not include the full cost of postage – we share these with you. According to the price lists of the given services, it is usually an oversized shipment in the lowest weight – up to 2 kg. If you order more, of course we will pay a higher price for the shipment, but we do not charge you here. We would like to thank you for your larger order. So the more swords you order in one shipment, the cheaper the postage will be for each piece.

Payment methods


platebni metody

Bank transfer

For us the easiest to process and the least fees. You will find payment instructions at the end of the order. We usually have the payment on the account within 2 days, if it comes from countries outside the Czech Republic, it takes a little longer. The bank promises a maximum of 5 working days from anywhere. Then we send a confirmation email and send the shipment.

Bitcoin / Litecoin

You can pay for Bitcoins or Litecoins. The cashier will generate payment information for you, and as soon as the payment is credited to the destination address, we will send the goods. If you have a Bitcoin or Litecoin account, this is the best payment method. We can also accept Monero, but our payment gateway can’t do that yet. If you want to pay by Moner, choose Bitcoin and write us an e-mail, we will send you payment instructions by e-mail. When paying with Bitcoin / Litecoin you get a 10% discount!


It is an advanced payment method. We don’t like her very much. We pay high fees for it and it is the least advantageous for us. But it allows you to pay by credit card.

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