About us

TomasWe are from the Czech Republic, from Prague. (If you want to visit our store, the address and opening hours are in the footer of the website) How did we happen to have a larp, ​​film and cosplay weapons store and now we produce our own larp weapons with our own Thowt brand?
We organize large costume dramatic larps, often from the Middle Ages, but also from the post-apocalyptic world. And we also focus on film – we are film production, we have our own projects, but we lend equipment (cameras and lenses to other filmmakers. In the world of film, they know us as Tomian sro) and our website is https: // film-rental.cz. In the world of larp, ​​however, we are better known as Cesty časem (Time traveling or Time pilgrimage) – https://cestycasem.cz.
We build our own fundus of costumes and weapons for our films and larps. At first we just bought something. And often they were not satisfied with the quality. So we started creating our own. Today we design and manufacture them according to our designs and needs. Because we did not have a factory and its technology, we joined forces with one manufacturer in Asia and we produce some whole models for them, some semi-finished products and we finish them in the Czech Republic. After all, Apple and many other manufacturers do the same.
monogram thowt small profilovkaIn order not to bring copies of our designs to the market, we have created the Thowt brand for them, and according to it, you will recognize new models from our production.
Our replicas of historical carpets have a very similar story – they are reconstructions of carpets, which have often been preserved only as a very damaged find or we even know them only from paintings and frescoes, and we did not want to use a “historical” pattern of “Persian rug” for our games. There is nothing on the market that is at least close to the design of carpets from before the 17th century.
And if we wanted a historically authentic environment, we had to make replicas of the authentic ones for ourselves. It is similar with our expanding range of coins. These are not pieces for collectors, but larp and game props. As close as possible to authentic medieval engravings, as affordable as possible for use in the game – so that we can put enough coins in the game of our game players and not be too unhappy when one is lost.
We’ve tested every larp weapon and prop we sell on our games, and our business is affected by our own larp needs.
Our parquet is not primarily a hardcore battle or fencing training. Although our new models will be usable for this type of game, many of theLarp sword - eshop and shop older ones, or those that we simply sell and production takes place outside of us, are not suitable for battle. There are always several icons at the bottom of the sword preview image. Larp / cosplay / toy / battle. And when you’re not sure, you can always ask.


On the other hand, all our models are designed to comply with CE certification as well as certifications related to health safety and usability as a toy. Which is important for us and all the sellers who buy weapons from us for their shops and stalls.