Florin metal coins for gaming


Florin metal gaming coins in gold, silver and patina gold variants. Other color options that you can see on some of our other coins (patinated silver, copper, patinated copper) are possible to order for larger orders

Diameter 24 mm

Material: Metal (zinc) alloy

The coin is a historical replica – Florins were a reliable medieval gold coin standard. They were popular both for their smaller size – i.e. they were easier to pay the usual amounts with – and they were relatively reliable in terms of quality and weight. They started minting them in 1252 in Florence, but they became a popular coin and many European monarchs minted their flirini. They were minted in the years 1252 – 1533.

We originally created coins for our games (http://cestycasem.cz).

Sestertius Caesar - Roman metal coin for the games
Florin metal coins for gaming
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