Saladin metal coins for gaming


Saladin metal coins for larp. In gold and patina silver variations. Other color variants, you can see on some of our other coins, are possible for larger ones (pure shiny silver, copper, patinated copper)

Diameter 26 mm

The coin is a historical replica – however, I used two originally different coins from the reign of Saladin, from one I took the obverse side and the other from the reverse side. These coins were minted by Saladin in his sultanate at the end of the twelfth century – so they were probably minted in Cairo.

The text on the reverse page contains the praise of God. The obverse is somewhat scandalous in the Islamic world because it features a portrait of Saladin. But Saladin was a powerful enough monarch to afford this little folly.

Coins are commonly used in our games ( . They get a little dirty with use and their appearance becomes even more convincing and believable.

Saladin - kovové mince pro deskové hry, rpg, larp
Saladin metal coins for gaming
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