Historical drama that took place in West Armenia in 1915

The Azarians are a well-armed Armenian family. Mr. Azarian works well in the town of Musch, one of the centers of Western Armenia, part of the Ottoman Empire. He is about to open a branch office in Istanbul, whose leadership is likely to entrust his eldest son. And the middle daughter, the main character hero, Narine, who will be eighteen after Easter, is gifted with tongues and music, and when she is of age, she meets her dream and goes to Vienna to study at the conservatory. The reader is waiting for Easter in 1915 together with the Azarians. The book is a retelling of hundreds of years of historical stories.

Czech original “Posledni Velikonoce” © 2016

Počet stran 192

Tomas Houska

Rok vydání 2016
Vydání první
ISBN ISBN 978-80-86065-29-8


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