Knight medieval foam sword for larp


Knight – medieval foam sword for larp and battle

Total length ShA 25 – 90, 80 cm, ShA 35 103 cm
Blade length up to 84 cm
Width of the crossuard 20 cm
Weight 440 g
Center of gravity
Core laminate, Kevlar cavity around the tip
Material flexible polyurethane foam,
A25 blade has a polyamide foam and a more durable surface layer
Certifikace CE, REACH, EN71 1-3test
Use Cosplay, Film, Soft larp, Battle,
Genreí Medieval
Hardness of blade softening Shore A 25, A 35

Softened foam medieval sword for larp

Typical and most popular design of medieval sword. Equestrian long single-handed sword, ideally suited to the period 13th-14th century, with a tolerance of 13th-15th century.

Fits well in the hand. A favourite at our games. It’s a durable, versatile sword with a nice design.

Knight, foam medieval sword, larp, cosplay, larp battle
Knight medieval foam sword for larp
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