Nomad Shield for larp and larp battles – including the toughest ones. This shield is extremely durable and is primarily intended for larp combat.

Diameter 60 cm (24″) 60 cm – this is the standard size in most larp battles. The nomad shield is a round, curved shield, its shape is as if cut out of a sphere – this is how it differs from, for example, a flat viking shield.

The material is polycarbonate, rubber on the edge, reinforced rope on the handle.

All nomads – Huns, Avars, Turks or Arabs – liked to use similar shields. The black rusty variant can be fun for all sorts of goblins and other dark warriors.

The core of the shield is a thin polycarbonate plate, whose edges are hidden in a very durable rubber profile. This rubber is not the same as foam, it is really a fairly hard rubber that is very durable and kind to your opponent’s softened weapons. The handle is made in the style of historical nomadic shields – from braided rope. To make the grip stronger, we impregnate the rope with resin, so it is stable and strong. We successfully tested the shields and gradually improved them in several larp battles.

We tried different colors, but the colors that simulate the metallic finish look the best – those look pretty believable.

The edges are perfectly soft and safe, the arch plate itself is made of thin polycarbonate. You can’t break the shield in a fierce fight, even if you fall or step on it. It will last you a very long time, it is a really strong and durable material. It’s lightweight, it’s the lightest of our round shields. Those are his strengths.

Nomád battle shield
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