Knight’s shield for larp


Knight’s shield

60×50 cm, 1330 g, battle version 60 x 60 cm, 1700 g

Equestrian shield typically for the 13th/14th century. century. Made of polycarbonate. It has two versions. Both are very durable, but differ in softening – the Light version is great for cosplay, the battle version is extremely safe for use in larp battles:

Cosplay / Light

The appearance perfectly evokes the feeling that it is an iron shield. It is not softened.


For it, the safety of opponents is a priority and he is really perfectly softened. It is more massive, has softening on the entire front plate, rubber profiles on the edges and a foam tube over them, so even the edges are perfectly softened. The entire surface of the shield, including all edges, is covered with durable canvas.

Knight’s shield for larp
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