Viking round shield


Round viking shield
Diameter is 60 cm (24″) – corresponds to standard rules of larp battles
It is therefore suitable for larp, larp battles or cosplay. It is not suitable as a toy for small children because it is quite big and heavy for them.
Material fibreglass + polyurethane foam.

Each shield is personalized and you can have your own pattern and colors. The shield can be completely customizable in “tailor-made”. You can choose one of the themes offered (we try to offer historically documented motifs of the drawing on the shield), or write about your own. You can also choose your own colors. You can have a shield entirely unique to you. Or you can order an entire group of shields with the same painting to indicate that you belong together.
If you would like some very special, please write.

The shield you can gt like a part the Set Jarl

Set Jarl is a great set of three larp Viking weapons (sword, ax, dagger) and a customizable Viking round shield for larp. All are suitable for larps of all kinds, larp battles or cosplay events. The set has a discounted price when buying separate weapons and of course you will save on postage.


Viking foam shield
Viking round shield
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