Cossack saber Shashka for larp

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Cossack saber Shashka for larp for larp and larp battles, cosplay and film or theatre. Model used by officers and light cavalry since 1904.
Overall length 80 / 85 / 90 / 96 cm
Blade length 65 / 75 cm
Width of guard
Weight 250 / 440 / 550 g
Center of gravity 20 cm from the blade root
Laminate core, Kevlar cavity around the tip
Material flexible polyurethane foam
CE certification
Application Cosplay, Film, Toy, Soft larp, Battle
Genre / Napoleonic period, 19th and 20th century
Blade softening hardness Shore A 25
This model of larp weapon is designed to stand up to any larp battle – including full force / full contact ones (in English, understand clogs and kekel). We mark the blade as A25. It has a very durable 10 x 15 mm core. The foam used is soft (about Shore A 25) – about the same as latex. Unlike latex, however, it does not suffer from any of its ills – it is maintenance-free, usable in any weather and contains no allergens. This foam is softer, but at the same time tougher against tearing than our first generation guns that use A35 blades. A polyamide flare is routed throughout the foam to stiffen it and prevent the tip from breaking off or spreading a blade tip tear. To make the blade even more resistant to tearing, the surface is reinforced with a thin layer of special polyurethane.
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Cossack saber Shashka for larp
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